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Our core services

Technology Development

Our team of skilled designers and developers have the knowledge and experience to produce innovative technology to solve problems throughout a range of industries. Creating a prototype is only the beginning, and having an experienced team that is able to bring your idea to fruition is essential to your success.

  • UX/UI design
  • Website design and development
  • iOS and Android mobile application design and development
  • Website application design and development
  • Application guide and documentation

Digital Marketing

You can build the best application in your industry, but if no one knows it exists, then it won’t be used. That’s why digital marketing is so important, especially in our technology-centred world, where information can be gathered at the click of a button. By creating marketing campaigns that get your product out there and using online advertisements to fine-tune your target audience, we’re able to fast-track growth and attract attention.

  • Digital marketing strategy and execution
  • Social media content creation
  • Graphic design
  • Copywriting
  • Campaign development
  • Community engagement


When you bring your technology out to the world, people are going to expect consistency; in the way your brand sounds, the graphics you produce and an overall cohesiveness throughout your company. Branding allows you to build a comprehensive strategy that covers all aspects of your business to ensure your clients know what to expect and can personally connect with your business and its story.

  • Branding strategy
  • Brand development
  • Brand building
  • Corporate identity

Additional services

Business Development and Mentorship

Growth and expansion, supply chain management, communication skills, relationship-building.

Starting a business is one thing, but fast-tracking growth, development and business partnerships is an experience of its own. We’re here to help your business fill in the gaps by creating a space where you can ask questions and seek out the answers from any one of our experienced team members, while gaining the experience needed to, one day, do this on your own.

Legal and Financial Support

Accounting, financial planning, cash-flow management, technical writing, documentation preparation, legal support.

When building a business from the ground up, gaining legal and financial support can be difficult, but our partners are here to help. From preparing partnership agreements, to planning and implementing cash flow projections; our diverse set of partnerships allow us to help you at any stage of your business.

An office space and community of startup owners

Co-working space, networking, partnership building, events, workshops and panels.

We’ve built an inclusive space for all entrepreneurs to create and connect; a place where ideas are generated and partnerships are formed. Our offices also double as a community space, where you can meet fellow entrepreneurs, attend networking events and participate in workshops.

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