The future of shopping


StoreLink is a mobile application built exclusively for entrepreneurs and businesses to help them set up a local online store, showcase their products within their local customer community and build a local customer base. This platform is integrated with Obiio, a fleet management system, which can be used for delivery services. Storelink offers a hassle-free setup which features a pre-ordering capability and pick-up from store option. Business owners can easily integrate their social media accounts on the platform so they can easily connect to their customers.

The Challenge

Recent challenges, such as the global pandemic, have impacted the way we shop as we shift to a digitally-focused world, causing a significant demand in online ordering platforms. Consumers are shifting to online shopping and food ordering services because they’re more convenient and efficient. One of the main challenges with in-store shopping is that it can be time-consuming when compared to online platforms, and due to the global pandemic, many businesses have been forced to shut down their physical locations altogether. Storelink was developed specifically to provide an immediate solution to these problems.

Our Solution

To help local businesses in their time of need, the Frogplum team developed an eCommerce platform that makes the online ordering process efficient and effortless. The Storelink application provides the opportunity for small to large businesses to adapt to the new trend of online ordering. For businesses and entrepreneurs alike, we developed a simplified dashboard that includes information relevant to your eCommerce sales including recent orders, number of sales and personalized layouts for your online interface. Your personalized layout is then available for users to explore where they can add items to their cart and either pre-order, pick-up directly from a physical location or get their items delivered.