An affordable way to deliver


Obiio is a fleet management system that automates logistic operations such as multi-dispatching, resource allocation, driver zoning and geofencing and real-time tracking of deliveries. Obiio allows small and large businesses alike to effortlessly, efficiently and accurately manage their deliveries and utilize its features according to their business needs. Obiio can also be integrated directly with other applications, such as Storelink, to track customer deliveries and more.

The Challenge

Fleet management systems have always been very competitive and in high demand, however, the move from physical retail locations to eCommerce in recent years has greatly impacted demand. This can become overwhelming for businesses shifting to the online space, where satisfying customer needs is of utmost importance. These challenges include managing customer expectations, inefficiency in order management, inability to track deliveries or drivers and the security of the products or goods in transportation. Obiio was developed as a comprehensive solution to address these problems.

Our Solution

After recognizing the challenges that exist with current fleet management systems, the Frogplum team developed Obiio, a complete solution that solves all delivery challenges. We managed this by producing features that elevate businesses, ensure seamless communication and accurately delivery goods. These features include automated multi-dispatching, driver zoning and geofencing, real-time fleet tracking, automated notifications, delivery management and simple driver scheduling.