The future of immigration


Mipathia is an online Canadian immigration platform that provides access to everything a person needs to jumpstart their journey to Canada, including an eligibility calculator. The eligibility calculator assesses an individual against several federal and provincial immigration programs available in Canada to discover which one would suit their needs best. Once an assessment is completed, individuals have the option of contacting a verified immigration lawyer or immigration consultant to help navigate the immigration application process.

Mipathia also includes a Job Search function where individuals looking to move to Canada can discover jobs from throughout the country that are specifically looking for foreign workers.

The Challenge

With over 60 Canadian immigration programs available, immigrating to Canada can be a long and confusing process without the right help. Receiving the right help is one of the biggest concerns for aspiring immigrants, as unlicensed immigration lawyers and consultants continue to offer unsolicited advice and services, causing many to fall victim to fraudulent activity. By creating a platform where all immigration professionals and employers are verified, Mipathia strives to eliminate this challenge completely.

Ultimately, Mipathia was created to address the needs of individuals worldwide; whether they’re looking for temporary work in Canada or something more permanent.

Our Solution

After recognizing the problems that existed within the Canadian immigration system and brainstorming solutions that would simplify the process, Frogplum developed a web-based application. The application includes a sleek, easy-to-use dashboard, a user profile, an eligibility calculator, consultant and employer profiles, an internal messaging system and a job board created specifically for those looking to move to Canada.