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When you invest with Frogplum Solutions, you’re investing in projects that are changing the world. We’re here to connect you with world-class solutions that are going to have a real impact and introduce innovative thinking throughout multiple industries.

Our startups are scalable

A strong return-on-investment is the most important thing an investor looks for, and we know that, which is why we ensure all of our startups are scalable and highly profitable. These are companies made to impact communities and drive sustainable growth.

Our startups are diverse

As an investor, it’s important to diversify your portfolio to ensure you’re not exposed to potential market volatility. All startups at Frogplum work in different industries, utilizing their technologies to make the biggest impact. Investing in our startups gives you more diversification within your portfolio, and limits the impact of shifting stock market dynamics.

Why you should invest with Frogplum

We’re experienced

Our team of experienced professionals and mentors are able to handle any project of any kind, with over thirty years of combined experience in the technology industry; from creating business strategies and financial plans to developing state-of-the-art technology. We’re here to solve problems throughout the world using technology, because that’s where we believe growth is happening and change is inevitable

We’re low risk

All of our companies are profitable, ensuring you will receive timely compensation for your investment throughout all early-stages of the business. We’re committed to creating an environment where everyone is able to develop and produce world-class technology, bouncing ideas off of one another and learning from each other, so not only are the businesses thriving, but so is their venture team. At Frogplum, we always backup our investors, minimizing the risk of investing in our startups.

We’re global

We have partnered with investors throughout the globe, creating opportunities that many other incubators are unable to provide. By giving a fresh, global perspective, we can tap into countries and projects around the world.

Why invest in startups?

When you invest in a startup, you’re investing in future solutions for challenges that exist in our present. Through the development and implementation of new technologies, startups are able to take advantage of market gaps and grow exponentially.

Startups are businesses that are newly established, meaning they have yet to go through stages of exponential growth which are especially prominent in its first few years of operation. By utilizing their competitive advantages and existing market gaps, startups are known for having various opportunities for expansion, which ultimately results in a growing ROI.

Another reason to invest in startups is because you believe in the idea. Whether you’ve been an entrepreneur yourself, or have experience investing in growing businesses, you know that passion and drive will take you further than anything else. When you’re passionate about the work a startup does, there’s no better way to support them than investing in their future.

For some investors, investing in a startup and the people behind the business is all the satisfaction they need. By helping someone with their future, learning skills in a new industry and watching a startup get off the ground, you’re able to gain valuable skills while helping someone hone their own.

Lastly, investing in a startup means supporting your personal network and the ideas they’ve generated. For some, investing in a project they believe in that is launched by a personal connection is the best way to show their support and help the idea grow.

How to decide if a startup is a good investment

As an investor, it can be difficult to decide which startups are a good match for you and your financial situation. However, doing plenty of research on both the company and the industry in which it operates while also answering the following questions, you should be able to make an informed decision.

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