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What first started as a tech start-up in 2017 has now become a world-class incubator where technology and entrepreneurship come together. Frogplum Solutions was created as a space to unleash ideas and create solutions using technology, but it’s become so much more than that. Founder and CEO, Ivan Krstovic, has always believed in having a positive impact on the world and nourishing ideas that can enact change. By transforming Frogplum Solutions into an innovative environment for like-ended entrepreneurs, where they can network, learn and grow their businesses, Ivan has done just that.

Our Values

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We believe in creating an inclusive environment for all entrepreneurs in our ecosystem, where they can connect with one another and help each other grow. Supporting one another is just as important as receiving our support.


Innovation in technology is changing the world, and we support entrepreneurs who want to be a part of that change. Our goal is to elevate entrepreneurs and help them unleash their unique ideas onto the world.


The best entrepreneurs are the ones who are passionate about their endeavours, just as we’re passionate about helping their businesses succeed.

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When you join Frogplum Solutions, you have access to our business community and alumni who have all launched their own successful ventures after working with us. By networking with and learning from these professionals, not only will you have access to industry secrets but you’ll also build long-lasting relationships that will further both your business and personal growth. Our business community is vast and growing quickly as individuals across the globe continue to partner with us! What are you waiting for?

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