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Investments help our startups get off the ground. When you invest with Frogplum Solutions, you’re investing in the technology of the future and the entrepreneurs behind them. Investing in our startups is low-risk because all of our companies are well taken care of, with a well-rounded venture team behind them, ensuring you receive timely compensation for your investment throughout all stages of the business.

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If you have an idea with a prototype, message us and we can help connect you with investors to reach your goals

It can be difficult to navigate through the business world when you don’t have the experience. But, when you really want to build something from the ground up, sometimes looking for the right kind of help is all you need. As an established business incubator, we have the resources and the experience to take your business off the ground.

Bring your ideas to life

What do we do?

Technology is changing the world, and we’re here to elevate entrepreneurs that take the initiative to become a part of the change. We created Frogplum Solutions to support and mentor tech entrepreneurs across the globe, building an innovative and inclusive space where ideas and dreams are transformed into profitable, competitive businesses. Our support extends beyond mentorship as we also provide funding for projects through our investor partnerships and foster a growing business community.

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Our startups


An online platform that assesses the immigration eligibility of an individual against all available provincial and federal immigration programs in Canada, while also connecting with Canadian employers looking for foreign workers.

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Our startups


Storelink is an ecommerce application that is integrated with Obiio, a fleet management system, where you can order various products and have them delivered directly to your front door or to be picked up at your convenience

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Our startups


Obiio is an innovative, state-of-the-art fleet management system which utilizes machine learning and business intelligence in order to optimize business deliveries to clients.

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Why work with Frogplum

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We are Experienced

With over thirty years of experience in the technology industry, you can trust that our team has the knowledge and skills to execute any idea you have. When you trust us with your business, you can be confident that everything is done with passion and vigour.

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We are Disruptive

Creating new, innovative technology is at the foundation of what we do. At Frogplum, you can guarantee our office is filled with disruptive ideas, content and designs left, right and centre.

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We are Visionaries

We don’t just welcome revolutionary ideas, we encourage them. Our team is filled with bright, open-minded individuals who share your vision of creating technology that changes the world and resonates with your audience.

We have everything your business needs

Frogplum Solutions was created to make sure your startup has everything it could possibly need to expedite its growth and form a strong, solid foundation with a passionate team. From digital marketing to application development; from branding to financial help; the Frogplum team is here for you, every step of the way.

Our Services

What we offer

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Technology Development

Designing and developing solutions that solve real problems in your industry.

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Digital Marketing

Strategizing and executing online marketing to garner attention and fast-track growth.

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Helping you create and build your brand while connecting you with the right audience.

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Business Development

Providing you with the necessary skills to navigate the business world.

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Legal and Financial Support

Our diverse partnerships allow us to help startups through any stage of their growth.

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Office Space and Business Community

Space for you and your team to work and connect with others in the community.

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